About hresult.info

We started to build this website because we are sure a lot of people are confronted to HRESULT errors at least once in their life, and it's very frustrating to not find what these codes mean. Developers know them and users see them, but it's rarely helpfull because a lot of them are not explained (Microsoft Internal).

  • As regular user, you have to understand what's wrong on your computer, is it a normal error or an issue with a driver or hardware ? This website should help you to understand what's wrong by giving you some clues.
  • As developer or admin, it's very usefull, you will increase your productivity not spending time searching on the Internet everytime an unknown HRESULT is thrown. Is it a DirectX or an Active Directory error and what's about ? Find the answer in 2 seconds here!

The database could not be complete because of the nature of HRESULT, some codes are private and Microsoft doesn't explain them... but it will grow with time, and we will add any new codes when we'll find them !

This website has been developed with the help of ASP.net Core MVC by St├ęphane Graziano (CEO at Webrox) and has been launched in August 2017, the 21st.