Error 0x80041004

Value: -2147217404 | 0x80041004 | 2147749892

What does it mean ?

Change units provided were not of the expected quantity.
Value: 4100 | 0x1004 | 0b0001000000000100
Briefcase Reconciler: The RECONCILEF_YOUMAYDOTHEUPDATES flag was not set when the object's Reconcile implementation was called; this implementation requires that this value be set in the dwFlags parameter.
Value: 4100 | 0x1004 | 0b0001000000000100
SEO: Success, the message should not be handed to any other extension objects at this binding point.
Value: 4100 | 0x1004 | 0b0001000000000100

Where does it come from ?

COM/OLE Interface management. FACILITY_ITF is designated for user-defined error codes returned from interface methods
Value: 4 | 0x004 | 0b00000100

Other Errors for FACILITY_ITF