Error 0x80042406

Value: -2147212282 | 0x80042406 | 2147755014

What does it mean ?

The password for the content access account cannot be decrypted because it was stored with different credentials. Re-type the password for the account used to crawl this content.
Value: 9222 | 0x2406 | 0b0010010000000110
The specified space is not free or not valid.
Value: 9222 | 0x2406 | 0b0010010000000110
A data disk is currently set as active in BIOS. Set some other disk as active or use the DiskPart utility to clean the data disk, and then retry the restore operation.
Value: 9222 | 0x2406 | 0b0010010000000110

Where does it come from ?

COM/OLE Interface management. FACILITY_ITF is designated for user-defined error codes returned from interface methods
Value: 4 | 0x004 | 0b00000100

Other Errors for FACILITY_ITF