Error 0x80042415

Value: -2147212267 | 0x80042415 | 2147755029

What does it mean ?

Invalid operation.
Value: 9237 | 0x2415 | 0b0010010000010101
Restore failed because a disk which was critical at backup is excluded. To continue you need to either remove the disk from exclusion list or detach it from machine or clean it using DiskPart utility, and then retry restore. If you cannot clean or detach it then change the disk signature using DiskPart command UNIQUEID DISK ID.
Value: 9237 | 0x2415 | 0b0010010000010101

Where does it come from ?

COM/OLE Interface management. FACILITY_ITF is designated for user-defined error codes returned from interface methods
Value: 4 | 0x004 | 0b00000100

Other Errors for FACILITY_ITF