Error 0x8004A024

Value: -2147180508 | 0x8004A024 | 2147786788

What does it mean ?

Indicates that a call to the INetCfgLock::AcquireWriteLock method did not succeed. This code returns if another application currently owns the lock on network configuration.
Value: 40996 | 0xA024 | 0b1010000000100100
An error is present in a service element in the device description.
Value: 40996 | 0xA024 | 0b1010000000100100

Where does it come from ?

COM/OLE Interface management. FACILITY_ITF is designated for user-defined error codes returned from interface methods
Value: 4 | 0x004 | 0b00000100

Other Errors for FACILITY_ITF